Mission statement

Zandvoort Autum Sunset 2020

Frame: 60X60

Photo: 37,5X37,5

Price: 700,-

Llimited Edition 1 

With passion for nature

Because my company's mission is more important than the profit marge on my product,

I recently invested in a professional photo printer. This means that I can print up to A2 format and panorama prints up to 120 cm myself.

The philosophy behind this is to reduce the "travel footprint", but also the influence that I have among other things as paper, sealing material and the further finish of the product such as the frame.


I-SEAYOU is founded in September 2018. From a young age Sabrina strolled with her camera through nature and it was always her dream to become a photographer. Starting a website to showcast her photo's was a first small step. 

In the summer of 2019 she left for the second time to Australia. It was in Australia where her road as a photographer slowly started to envolve. Through a very special meeting she managed to have several exhibitions at "Project Art Space" in Wollongong. 

In autum 2019 Sabrina desiced to stay in Australia. She went to the Netherlands to pack-up her appartment. When she arrived back in Australia the "Black summer" started.

Witnessing the bushfires in Australia impacted her vision on the world. With her photography she tries to make a positive impact on both nature and the people around her. 


KvK- nummer: 62977059
BTW: 126412005B01

Photography is so muh more than just a click on a button. It is the visualization and expression of how I see the world. Seeing plays a key role in this, inherent to recognition of nature and the people around me.

My message to you is: I sea you, including all your perfect imperfections. With my photographs I want to inspire you to see, to stand still and to take the time. There is a lot we cannot influence in life, but there is one thing we can do. That is our attitude to life.

“We cannot stop the waves from coming, but we can learn how to surf”

I - S E A Y O U 

Photography inspired by and dedicated to sea