Natural flow

Sitting in silence,

Where the rain comes

Dark clouds forming,

Providing nutritious

It is inextricably linked

Connected to all that lives

A closed circle

One takes, the other gives

It is the essence of life

Nothing is everything

And everything is nothing at the same time

As dusk arrives

The night that falls

Please don't forget

The early morning

Where the sun will rises

And nature nutrients provides

I – S E A Y O U
Photography & Poetry inspired by and dedicated to sea

Photography is so much more than just a click on a button. It is the visualization and expression of how I see the world. Seeing plays a key role in this, inherent to recognition of nature and the people around me.

My message to you is: I sea you, including all your perfect imperfections. With my photographs I want to inspire you to see, 

to stand still and to take the time.

There is a lot we cannot influence in life,

but there is one thing we can do. That is our attitude to life.

“We cannot stop the waves from coming, but we can learn how to surf”

KvK- nummer: 62977059

BTW: 126412005B01

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