To where I have to be

The shadow of the seagull draws a dancing motion over the rocks.

Breaking waves and the white water that crawls to the shore, where it slowly recedes. The sound of the sea that calms my thoughts. Loud and clearly varied with subtle whispers. The gentle breeze like a carrying touch on my cheeks. The sun that warms my face. It is nature that gives me life force. Each action is consistent with a other. Responding to that what crosses the path. Surging on the flow of life. Sometimes time goes fast. A rapid acceleration. The water is rough. Ruthless. It pushes me under. Alternated with calmness. The current flows into a large lake. I just float. Reload. Determine a new direction. Wait until the wind picks up and pushes me in the direction ...

I – S E A Y O U
Photography & Poetry inspired by and dedicated to sea


Sabrina Vermeulen

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