We live in a very fast society where the connection with nature is diminishing. Because I lost contact with nature for a while, I noticed that I also started to lose a part of myself. Growing into your naked truth is a photo series that is about the quest for how to maintain the connection with yourself and nature in this society and how this connection helps you to be your authentic self. Pure and naked from all the expectations of others.

Like every growth if we look at nature, it starts as a seed under the ground. To be fully alive you sometimes must go into the void. From the emptiness and the silence, you create space to come to yourself.

You discover again why you do things, what is important for you in life and which talents and qualities you have. In stillness you can hear your inner voice. When you have to courage to listen to it, you can make conscious choices to be full in life again.

The series is not finished yet, and this series is a quest itself, which may also be about the search of myself as a photographer. There is a chance that this series will never be finished, because as soon as I think I have found it, I will look for something new again. And that directly refers to the circle of growth. Where the old is the provides the soil for something new ...


This is the sequel of the series "growing into your naked truth", for this photo serie I used the element water. Sometimes we can feel washed away by our emotions. Pushed under like a rough sea. When we allow that feeling to be and observe it, there is often a deeper message within us.


The element water stands for intuition, creativity and feeling. This element is associated with a feminine sign, because a woman's intuition is often more developed than a man's. The element of water can support you when you experience confused feelings. This element gives you the power to trust your intuition again. It is the liquid element of all that lives, and therefore water symbolizes feelings and emotions.


Although some loves are not there to stay, they hold a deeper message. It invites you to a mystical journey to your inner self. The emptiness that you experience more consciously will at the same time be a feeling of all-oneness.

You will henceforth the darkness with understanding of the universal plan. You start to understand the self-contained unity in the immensity of our existence.

The leaf in this photo serie symbolizes the connection between two loved ones that has to be let go in order to grown.


This was an asignment for "Foto Academie" where I had to choose an certain theme and every lession there was a new theme given to combine the original theme I had choosen. 

In the Netherlands, nearly 20 percent of adults (18-64 years) will experience depression at some point in their lives. Depression is often little understood since it is not visible from the outside and therefor a lot of people suffer in loneliness. With this photo serie I have tried to visualize the feeling of depression and with that I try to created more understanding of this mental disease.

With the title "Through the darkness we rise" I try to point out that there is always hope and that we sometimes have to go through difficult moments in our lives to eventually grow



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Photography is so much more than just a click on a button. It is the visualization and expression of how I see the world. Seeing plays a key role in this, inherent to recognition of nature and the people around me.

My message to you is: I sea you, including all your perfect imperfections. With my photographs I want to inspire you to see, to stand still and to take the time. There is a lot we cannot influence in life, but there is one thing we can do. That is our attitude to life.

“We cannot stop the waves from coming, but we can learn how to surf”

I - S E A Y O U 

Photography inspired by and dedicated to sea