Fine-art Photography

High quality limited edition fine-art Photography with a passion for nature. 


Trust that little voice in your head that says 'Wouldn't it be interesting if...'; And then do it.

- Duane Michals

In my Portfolio section I showcast some of my work that I created during studing at the
"Foto Academie".

The works difference from my other work because I use a mixture of a conceptual and intuitive approach

Portrait Photography



Sabrina is a Dutch fine-art Photographer who is inspired by nature and the way we as human are connected to her. In her work she investigate our connection with nature, and she aims too not only photograph nature but to interact with her on a deeper level through her photographs.

This results in images that let you pause and make you question your own connection with our earth. With that she tries to not only make visible what is visible, but more profoundly leaving space for you and your own interpretation.

Surf Photography

Surf Photography is a demanding art form that doesn't only require technical skill, but also a great knowledge and understanding of the surroundings in and out of the water. Critical timing is everything when trying to engage with a surfer. Surfing makes you feel humble. In the line-up you are such a small human being in the big ocean of divinity. In my surf photography I aim to express this humble feeling.


KvK- nummer: 62977059
BTW: 126412005B01

I - S E A Y O U 

Photography inspired by and dedicated to sea

Photography is so much more than just a click on a button. It is the visualization and expression of how I see the world. Seeing plays a key role in this, inherent to recognition of nature and the people around me.

My message to you is: I sea you, including all your perfect imperfections. With my photographs I want to inspire you to see, to stand still and to take the time. There is a lot we cannot influence in life, but there is one thing we can do. That is our attitude to life.

“We cannot stop the waves from coming, but we can learn how to surf”